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Welcome to Don Wilson Surveys Ltd., your trusted partner for lease surveys in Alberta. Our skilled team specializes in providing comprehensive lease survey solutions that accommodate your needs. With extensive experience and local knowledge, we deliver accurate and dependable results to support your projects. 

Whether you require lease surveys for land development, resource exploration, or regulatory compliance, we've got you covered. Count on us for precise boundary tracing, detailed mapping, and professional documentation to facilitate your leasing process. Hire us for accurate lease surveys that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Services Under Lease Surveys

Services provided by us under lease surveys are

Surface materials leases (SML): These leases involve extracting surface materials like gravel, sand, or clay. Our surveys ensure compliance and accurate delineation of leased areas.

Surface materials exploration lease (SME): SME leases allow exploration activities to assess the potential of surface material deposits. We conduct surveys to aid in the planning and execution of exploration projects.

License of occupation (DLO): DLOs grant permission to occupy Crown land for specific purposes, such as grazing or recreational activities. Our surveys help define lease boundaries and ensure adherence to regulations.

Miscellaneous lease (DML): DMLs encompass a variety of lease types for different land uses. We provide surveying services tailored to the specific requirements of each lease, ensuring compliance and clarity.

Recreation development lease (REC): REC leases, such as campgrounds or outdoor facilities, are designated for recreational development. Our surveys assist site planning and development, optimizing recreational spaces while respecting environmental considerations.

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Ready to Secure Your Lease Surveys?

We are here to provide professional assistance in navigating lease surveys in Alberta.

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