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Q: Who qualifies as a good surveyor?

A: Although you might be tempted to pick the cheapest surveyor, cheaper does not necessarily equal better. When calling around for estimates, surveyors will provide worst case scenarios to calculate a quote. This might not fit your own situation or even reflect your own property. In the end, the best choice in surveyor comes down to reputation and performance. The team at Don Wilson Surveys Ltd. are independent and experienced professionals you can trust.

Q: How much will a land survey cost?

A: A competent surveyor usually has highly competitive rates. The price depends on various factors including:

Shape & Size of Property
Level of Detail Required

Q: How long does a land survey take?

A: It depends on how much is to be done. The land surveyor has certain tasks to perform before he or she can even begin setting the corners of your property. A surveyor must research all available physical and non-physical land. Generally this procedure can take up to one or two days, with the corners of your property being set on the third or fourth day.

Q: How do I know what has been surveyed?

A: A surveyor will place an acceptable marker or monument at the corners of your property. A record of survey plat will be prepared to show where these corners are located. You can also have the surveyor personally point out the areas surveyed.

Q: How do conflicts in boundaries and easement lines occur?

A: Conflicts occur as a result of poor or neglectful surveying by a land surveyor who isn’t professional or had been lacking in certain information. Problems can also be the result of general misinformation or lack of communication. Professional surveyors follow an established set of standards which can help them resolve your property disputes without having to face court action.

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