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Don Wilson Surveys Ltd. pioneers cutting-edge drone surveys in Alberta, revolutionizing land assessment and mapping. Our advanced technology ensures precise data collection for agriculture and energy industries. By leveraging drones, we enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in surveying vast terrains. 

Our professional team utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to deliver comprehensive aerial imagery and topographic mapping, facilitating informed decision-making for clients across Alberta. From remote regions to urban landscapes, our drone surveys offer unparalleled insights into terrain characteristics, environmental factors, and resource management. Contact us today to learn more about our drone surveys in Alberta.

Types of Drone Surveys

Types of drone surveys provided by us are

Topography surveys: Don Wilson Surveys Ltd. utilizes drones with high-resolution cameras to capture detailed topographic data. These surveys provide accurate elevation models, contour maps, and 3D terrain representations crucial for various projects, from urban planning to land development.

Volume surveys: Drones swiftly calculate stockpile volumes with unparalleled accuracy, optimizing resource management in the mining, construction, and agriculture sectors. We employ advanced software to analyze drone-captured data, delivering precise volume measurements for informed decision-making.

Facility inspection surveys: Drones navigate hard-to-reach areas, conducting comprehensive inspections of industrial facilities, pipelines, and infrastructure. We ensure structural integrity assessments, detect defects, and facilitate preventive maintenance, enhancing operational safety and efficiency.

Water boundary surveys: With drones, we outline water boundaries with exceptional detail, crucial for environmental monitoring, shoreline management, and regulatory compliance. High-resolution imagery enables precise mapping of water bodies, empowering stakeholders with accurate spatial data.

Aerial photography: Stunning aerial imagery captured by drones offers unparalleled perspectives for marketing, real estate, and environmental monitoring purposes. Don Wilson Surveys Ltd. delivers captivating visuals showcasing landscapes, properties, and construction progress, leveraging drone technology for impactful storytelling.

Crop health analysis surveys (generating prescription maps): By integrating multispectral sensors, drones assess crop health and detect anomalies invisible to the naked eye. We provide farmers with actionable insights, generating prescription maps for targeted interventions and optimizing yield and resource utilization.

What Are We Flying?

DJI Mavic 3M – Drone with a multispectral camera efficiently collecting five different spectrums of light:

RGB spectrum @ 20MP

Green spectrum (G)

Red spectrum (R)

Red Edge spectrum (RE)

Near-infrared (NIR)

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Ready to Upgrade Your Surveying Needs?

Experience precision and efficiency with our cutting-edge drone surveying solutions.

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