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Construction Surveys
When building a new house, the preliminary stages for many property owners, developers, designers and architects is to request a survey of the property and surrounding vicinity. This survey will confirm the nature and location of the structures that can be built on the property. We provide construction surveys in Alberta.

Let Don Wilson Surveys Ltd help simplify your construction surveying process. We provide a wide range of construction related surveying services to a wide range of clients. These include topographic and as-built surveys, to pile locations/layouts, facility stakeouts and everything in between.

Plot Plans
A Plot Plan is the design drawing showing where proposed structures and utility rights-of-way are in relation to property boundaries as well as existing and proposed lot grading. Plot plans are in general required to be presented and approved by municipalities before construction begins.

The Plot Plan is one of the first steps needed in the home building development and often accompanies the application for a Development Permit.

Plot plans must show that the development on the property will be conforming with local bylaws. If the Plot Plan does not meet municipal requirements it will not be approved, and construction cannot begin. Let Don Wilson Surveys Ltd help create the required document, so your project can begin.

House Stakeouts
A house stakeout is a service that is usually required by your excavator and cribber in order to correctly position your home on the property and ensures you dig in the right place.

A stakeout is the important first step to breaking ground on a construction project such as your new home, garage or shop.

Having an Alberta Land Surveyor layout where your new structure will be, has the benefit of beginning the actual construction phase of your project off on a path for success.

The alternative may be expensive: possible errors include having to demolish a (partially-built or complete) structure to be compliant with by-laws, intrusion upon utility right-of-way and the cost of further surveys and easements.

Real Property Report
A Real Property Report (RPR) is a legal document that shows the location of significant improvements in relation to property boundaries. The RPR is typically used for real estate transactions and mortgages as it provides a clear picture of the subject property that would reveal any encroachment issues.

An RPR does not incorporate marking property corners in the ground but this can be completed for an extra charge. Update RPR’s can be carried out if a previous RPR has been completed by Don Wilson Surveys Ltd on the same property so long as it is not more than 5 years old.

We Provide a Builders Package for the above standard products at cost savings for our clients, when performed in an organized and well-timed manner. 

(Billing will be progressively billed after each survey is complete)
Contact us to discuss your project requirements in relation to local municipality standards and customize a package to suit your needs.

Lot Grading Is a Significant Element of New Home Construction
Lot grading is an important component of new home construction. The purpose of lot grading is to provide good drainage away from buildings and adjacent properties for the benefit of property owners.

Lot Grading and Municipalities
Many municipalities require a Lot Grading Certificate to ensure grading is done properly and in compliance with municipal requirements. Actual requirements vary from municipality to municipality.

What Does a Lot Grading Certificate Show?
A Lot Grading Certificate is a document that can be prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor. It shows several current elevations of a lot in comparison with design grades that were previously approved by the municipality. It is intended to show where water will drain on a property.

The Lot Grading Certificate needs to be submitted to a municipality for rough and final grade approvals. Approval is based on the requirements of a municipality and is subject to their inspection.

If You Require a Lot Grading Certificate
If you require a Lot Grading Certificate, it may be more convenient to contact the Alberta Land Surveyor, if you know who it is, who prepared the subdivision plan or real property report.


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